A sweet and insightful post from our ocean science adviser extraordinaire, Marah Hardt.

The Ocean Lorax

I was recently asked to serve as a science advisor for an extremely cool public art project called Message in a Bottle. The project is still pending approval, but is part of a group of proposals by designers, techies, and artists to help raise public awareness of ocean issues through art.

Funded by Blue Trail, this initiative will take advantage of the crowds drawn to SF for this year’s America’s Cup by installing several temporary, interactive art projects along the main walkways where the Cup festivities will be centered. I had never heard of Blue Trail before and am really excited to see the work they are doing to foster “Imagination + Innovation for Ocean Sustainability.”

And I have been absolutely blown away by the talents of “Team Peepshow”, the brilliance behind what I think is by far the BEST project proposed (OK, so I am biased. What do…

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I wake up excited to get to work. I think with my hands. I’m insatiably curious. I enjoy turning big ideas into reality. I embrace failure. I’m a systems thinker. I like to invent + play games. I’m disciplined and diligent. I listen. I’m excited by new media, biomimicry + green luxury.
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